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Who is going to get affected of new monetization rules?

According to the previous blog, a larger level of younger community is going to get hampered because of this new rule. Especially, the teenagers who were able to earn some extra income by showcasing their talent, they are not happy with this situation. This harsh change is going to put a lot of pressure on the new creators. It is going to be harder for the small channels to reach up to the scale of monetization. YouTube is a survival platform for the budding standup comedians. Now those who don’t have the applicable subscriptions and viewed hours won’t be earning that extra penny.

The change will result in competition among creators applying for monetization. The rules are designed to restrict the number of those eligible for advertising on their channel. For those who post four or five videos a week, accruing that much channel view time and subscribers shouldn’t be too difficult, based on the company’s findings. After the news came in many YouTubers expressed their disgust on this decision by posting videos on digital platforms.

But don’t be sad about it and stop bashing google in multiple forums. We are here to help you get monetized faster.

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